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A wellness community for womxn of "All Shades of Brown."

Brown Goddess Collective is a sisterhood of wellness for self-identifying womxn of ALL shades of brown, that come together and connect through sisterhood, mindfulness, and self-care to level up our lives with the support and encouragement of other like-minded womxn.

Brown Goddess Collective is a space for connection, empowerment, support, and healing.


When we come together in our sister circle, each person has an opportunity to be seen and heard in ways that aren’t available to many to us in our day-to-day life. We are able to begin to let go of the labels that we wear in the outside world (ex. mom, wife, job titles, and other personas) and let our guard down to just be ourselves.


We practice sharing, listening, and celebrating each other. Everyone brings their unique gifts and perspective to circle, it’s a really beautiful experience to watch it unfold.

We have virtual and in-person events that include Morning Meditations, Yoga Classes, Goddess Circles, Live Online Courses, Social Gatherings, and more! 


Our gatherings are culturally relevant  to each person as we discuss “things that matter to us.”


A space for...

Connection & Empowerment

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Ready To Exhale Wellness Retreat

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Supporting Partners

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It was truly magical!  I've been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and the connection and positive energy created in that room was like nothing I had experienced before.


Thank you for living your passion and being willing and vulnerable to share with others.


iRestore Fitness

Brown Goddess Collective is a judgment-free space to explore your own healing, through mind/body/soul practices.  It feels to do this with and from other women who look like me.

I've met so many amazing women through the group. It's really inspirational and fun.


International Yoga Teacher

Meditation, breathing exercises, and conversation with other ladies have helped me that I am not alone and we have our support. That feeling of inclusiveness in the group has helped me tremendously to shake off tough times and seek positive outcomes from every situation.


Wellness Coach



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